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Vet Services

Top quality Sports Medicine & Vet Care at our clinic or on your farm. Convenient 2nd street ABQ location. Our vets and staff are horse people too! Progressive Services Available

Online Pharmacy

Oder online for your convenience: Prescription Medicines, Joint Care, Supplements, Vitamins, Medical Supplies, etc. Helpful Auto Refill option available with email reminders.


Call us 24/7 when your horse is in trouble. Emergency Services in ABQ & South, Santa Fe, & E. Mtns. Hospitalization and intensive care when your horse is critical. We’re here for you!

We know what your horse means to you!

Painful Backs R Us

Painful and spasmodic backs are all too common in horses limiting their ability to perform in comfort and at their best. As an equine veterinarian and chiropractor, Dr. Meddleton knows how to assess and address your horse's painful back. Here he is palpating & motioning each vertebra. Depending on the cause of your horse's sore back, he may address it through chiropractic, mesotherapy, myfascial release techniques, saddle fit, or a combination of these.

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