About Meddleton Equine

Meddleton Equine Clinic 6165 Corrales Rd, Corrales, NM   87048

We’re Horse People

Our vets and staff are horse people too. We understand your needs and we genuinely care about you and your horse.

We’re Progressive

We offer the latest in progressive high quality medicine. We stay current on medical advances. We give you information and options.

We’re Responsive

We’re here for you! Available 24/7 for your emergencies at our 2nd street clinic or at your farm. We communicate and follow up thoroughly with you.

Progressive Services from Vets Who Care

You want the best for your horse and the best out of your horse.  Money doesn’t grow on trees.  We get that.  Our vets and staff are horse people too.   We understand the needs of owners.  We are dedicated to optimizing the performance and longevity of your equine athlete whether you compete in Racing, Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Western Performance, Breed Shows, Endurance or you enjoy a good jaunt on the ditch banks.  We give owners information and options.  We equip you to make decisions that fit your needs, budget and dreams for your horse.  We offer progressive services at reasonable prices.

We understand that communication is key to your horse’s health.  We listen to owners because nobody knows your horse better than you.  We follow up with owners because you’re left to do the aftercare.  We know that good communication with owners, trainers, and farriers is crucial to the best possible outcome.   We use technology to achieve this better than ever before.  Our receptionist is in constant contact with our vets & you by phone and email.  We educate and inform owners via email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, newsletters and our website.  The more we inform you, the better we can work together to optimize your horse’s health and performance.

Clinic Features

  • Spacious treatment room
  • Hospitalization and Intensive Care stalls
  • Easy trailer access
  • Round pen and ample outdoor area for lameness work ups
  • Attractive Adobe office space
  • 24 hr video monitoring of hospitalized cases
  • In-House Laboratory
  • Remote Access Computer System giving vets access whether in-house or in the field to all medical records including video monitoring of currently hospitalized horses.

Our Vets And Staff Are Horse People Too!

Meet Our Team!

  • Dr. Mark Meddleton, DVM

    Mark Meddleton, DVM

    • Cornell University 1991
    • Internship University of Minnesota
    • American Veterinary Chiropractic Association

Get the best for your horse
— choose progressive services from vets who care