Stem Cell Therapy

We offer Stem Cell Therapy, a component of Regenerative Therapies at Meddleton Equine Clinic.  Stem Cell Therapy and other regenerative therapies we offer,  Platelet Rich Plasma Shock Wave Therapy IRAP Laser Therapy, can greatly improve healing.

Dramatically Improve Healing

This is a very exciting time in Equine Medicine. There are many new and exciting therapies available to effectively treat devastating musculoskeletal injuries in horses. Veterinarians are now able to offer a variety of treatment options within a range of affordability. This is a very active area of research and new treatment modalities are emerging every year.

How It Works

Adult (mesenchymal as opposed to embryonic) stem cells are primitive, non-differentiated cells that are located in the bone marrow, adipose (fat) tissue and the circulatory system.

Stem cells are part of the bodies repair system, and are pluripotent precursor cells, able to transform into nearly any type of cell in the body.

When normal tissue is diseased or injured, stem cells are signaled to migrate to the area of damage. There, under the influence of the local growth factors and signals, these stem cells can differentiate into whatever cell type is needed to help regenerate the normal architecture of the tissue.

Stem cell researchers have demonstrated that the major mechanism of action of stem cells is not only through differentiation, but that stem cells coordinate healing by influencing other cells through a variety of bioactive proteins such as growth factors, cytokines, and chemotactic agents.

Improve the Outcome of a Torn Tendon or Ligament 

Stem cells have been used to treat tendon and ligament tears, muscle injuries, bone cysts, bone fractures, OCD, arthritis and even heart muscle damage.

Its primary use in the horse has been with tendon and ligament injuries.

Using Stem Cell Therapy in torn tendons or ligaments significantly improves the outcome. Stem cells deliver site appropriate regeneration (tendon cells or ligament cells) minimizing scarring.

When tendon and ligament injuries heal with scar tissue, they never heal as strong or as elastic as the original structure, are more prone to re-injury and heal very slowly. In some cases they may never heal completely.

Help Assure A Full Recovery With Stem Cell Therapy

Using stem cell therapy can dramatically improve the quality and rate of healing, reduce the time off and the likelihood of re-injury and help get your horse back to your previous level of work. Call Meddleton Equine Clinic if your horse has a soft tissue injury and you want the best chance at returning to full work!

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