Saddle Fitting

We offer saddle fitting services for new saddle purchases, to assess the fit of saddles you currently own for a newly acquired horse, as well as for horses with lameness/performance issues which may be due to a poorly fitting saddle.  If a poorly fitting saddle is causing your horse distress, no amount of vet care or therapy will significantly help until you get his saddle to fit comfortably.

Is your horse’s saddle limiting his performance?

Saddle fit is critical to optimal performance. Dr. Meddleton is available for consultation when you are purchasing a new saddle for you horse or if you suspect you have a saddle fit problem.

Is your horse trying to tell you something?

Here are some clues to back soreness

  • White hairs or hair loss on withers or under the saddle.
  • Cold-backed, sinks when mounted.
  • Cringes or guards when brushing the back.
  • Shies often, rushes fences, refuses fences.
  • Cinchy, fusses when saddle appears; won’t stand for mounting.
  • Short-strided. Stumbles or trips often.
  • Always speeding up, won’t go calmly, uncomfortable going down hills.
  • Head tossing, travels with the head held high.
  • Bucking, running away.
  • Hollows back, not rounding or engaging the hind end.
  • Not performing as well as usual.

Saddle Fitting Is Crucial to Your Horse's Health Care

You can't get the best from your horse if his saddle is hurting him.  Worse, he might react to an uncomfortable saddle with dangerous behavior like bucking or scooting out from under you.  Even if your horse is very tolerant, over time chronic pain from a poorly fitting saddle can lead to more significant health issues. If your horse shows any signs of saddle fit problems, don't wait. - get his saddle checked right away.  If you are sinking your hard-earned money into a new horse, be proactive - find him a saddle that fits right so he can be the willing partner you're hoping for.

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