Myofascial Release Techniques

We offer Myofascial Release body work.  Fascia is a sheet of fibrous tissue that envelopes the body beneath the skin.  It encloses muscle and separates groups of muscles.  It also envelopes the lymphatic system and is closely associated with the nervous system.

Reduce Pain and Restriction of Movement—Improve Comfort and Performance

Myofascial Release Techniques reduce pain and inflammation, improve circulation and lymphatic flow. This all adds up to a pain-free hores! Chronic conditions that have not responded well to other treatments often respond very well to myofascial release. There are horses that I have adjusted for years and have resigned to having to maintain them with regular adjustments. A number of those horses have shown remarkable improvement following Myofascial Release. I now incorporate this into most Chiropractic Adjustments.

Common Areas of Restriction and Pain

  • Centers of Rotation – Shoulders and Pelvis
  • Brachiocephalicus / Sternocephalicus in front of the Shoulder
  • Point of the Hip - Iliopsoas
  • Myofascial Release will improve response to Chiropractic and give a more lasting adjustment
  • When a horse has tight, inflamed fascia it’s like trying to do hurdles when wearing TIGHT JEANS!

Benefits of Myofascial Release

  • Releasing the tension in the fascia will improve comfort, movement, fluidity, lengthen the stride
  • Improve Biomechanics of Movement, Improve Posture and Improve Performance.
  • Relieve Tight Skin – Tension
  • Release Abnormal Creases, Asymmetry, Flat Spots
  • Old Scars, Dings, Dents, and Divots, Cold Spots, Atrophy, Ropy or Stringy Muscles are often associated with adhesions and restrictions.  Releasing these can improve range of motion and fluidity of movement.

Take Care Of Your Horse and Your Horse Will Take Care Of You

We demand a lot from our horses, especially if we give them a demanding job like jumping, dressage, barrel racing, or reining. The more you ask of your horse, the more he needs your support to reach those goals. Myofascial Release can be a great tool for getting the most from your relationship with your horse.

Get the best for your horse
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