We offer mesotherapy services to address certain types of painful backs.  Painful and spasmodic backs are a too common ailment in horses, limiting their ability to perform in comfort and at their best.  Mesotherapy is one more tool we use to get your horse comfortable and in peak performance again.

Is your horse’s back painful and spasmodic?

Mesotherapy is a treatment generally used to treat a horse's painful, spasmodic back. Depending on the horse and condition, a variety of medications may be injected into the middle layer of the skin, the mesoderm, using a specialized port and very small needles. This will affect pain receptors in the mesoderm, inhibiting the pain cycle thus relieving pain, muscle spasm, tension, and inflammation.

Painful Backs R Us

As an equine veterinarian and chiropractor, Dr. Meddleton knows how to assess and address your horse's painful back.  Is the problem your horse's saddle fit?   Is it a chiropractic issue?  Is your horse suffering from "kissing spines"?  Is more than one thing going on? We will assess and make a plan to relieve your horse's back pain.

Call Us When Your Horse's Back Is Hurting

You want your ride to be as enjoyable for your horse as for you.  To do that you have to keep his back pain free.  Whether he needs chiropractic, a saddle fit analysis, mesotherapy or some other intervention we can help you keep your horse comfortable and performing at his best, so you can both enjoy the ride!

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