IRAP II Joint Serum Therapy

We offer IRAP Joint Serum Therapy using your horse’s own blood to produce a highly concentrated anti-inflammatory serum that is then injected back into affected joint to reduce inflammation and promote healing. This can be done following arthroscopic surgery, chip removal, or as a primary treatment of DJD/arthritis.

IRAP II Joint Serum Therapy—A Great Alternative to Steroids

IRAP is one of a number of very exciting recent advances in the treatment of lameness and poor performance in horses.

IRAP stands for Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein. Interlukin-1 (IL-1) is the major inflammatory cytokine responsible for inflammation in the joint, cartilage degradation and resulting osteoarthritis. IL-1 has a counterpart, Interlukin-1 Receptor Antagonist (IL-1Ra) which blocks IL-1 and prevents the inflammatory cascade from proceeding. These two cytokines are in balance in a healthy joint, but with arthritis, the balance shifts towards IL-1 which accelerates cartilage damage and leads to osteoarthritis.

How Does IRAP Joint Serum Therapy Work?

IRAP Joint Serum Therapy uses the patient’s own white blood cells (macrophages) to mass produce IL-1Ra with the goal of injecting a high concentration of IL-1Ra back into the inflamed joint. This results in a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-degradative effect. The process requires 50ml of the patient’s blood drawn with a special syringe containing acid-etched glass beads to activate the patient’s macrophages. The blood-bead mix is then incubated for 24 hours to increase IL-1Ra levels, centrifuged, and filtered and frozen for future use. The resulting fluid is a sterile preparation with a high concentration of IL-1Ra that your Veterinarian can inject into your horse’s arthritic joints to decrease pain and inflammation and help heal the cartilage.

In most cases 4-5 syringes are produced and frozen. The treatment protocol is to inject the affected joint once weekly for 3 weeks. If there is a fourth syringe, it is saved to be used if needed in the future

IRAP is One of The Safest and Most Effective Joint Therapies Available

Using autologous treatments reduces the potential side effects associated with other treatment methods and steroids can be avoided.  Call Meddleton Equine Clinic to provide your horse with the safest, most effective treatment available.

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