Diseases of the Hoof

We offer a comprehensive approach to diseases of the foot.  You've heard it said, "no foot, no horse"!  That is why Dr. Meddleton takes a special interest in diseases of the foot and working together with farriers to keep your horse sound.

No Foot, No Horse

From acute issues like abscesses and laminitis to long-term issues like club feet and corrective shoeing, we are dedicated to working with you, your horse, and your farrier to keep your horse sound at his base.

It's A Team Effort

Most foot issues require a team working together and communicating effectively: the vet, you and your farrier.  Meddleton Equine regularly sponsors farrier clinics that bring in experts in the field to elevate & foster a working communication between vet and farrier.  We examine cases together, taking pre and post radiographs to assess the effectiveness of various corrective shoeing techniques.

Call Us For Your Tough Hoof Cases

Hoof issues can be confounding, frustrating and ultimately devastating if not managed correctly.  Let us help you get your horse on the right foot!

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