Digital Ultrasound

We offer advanced digital imaging diagnostic services to get to the root of your horse’s problems right on the farm.  You've got rides planned & competitions paid for and you hate to see your horse in pain.  You need a diagnosis & treatment plan ASAP.

We Use Digital Ultrasound for High Quality Visualization of Soft Tissue Injuries.

Meddleton Equine has always been on the cutting edge of this advanced technology. Digital ultrasound is complementary to digital radiography and allows for high quality visualization of soft tissue structures (radiography is used to evaluate bone).

When Does My Horse Need an Ultrasound?

  • After lameness exam and nerve blocks have localized the source of pain
  • After radiography (in most cases)
  • If there is obvious swelling or palpable pain in specific areas
    • Flexor tendons
    • Suspensory ligament
    • Check ligament
  • Anytime soft tissue injuries are suspected
  • To evaluate the abdomen or lung surface
  • To help guide a needle aspirate or biopsy
  • To guide the deposition of selected therapeutic agents (tendons and ligaments)
    • A-cell
    • Stem Cell
    • PRP

Digital Ultrasonography Provides:

  • High quality imaging
  • Ease of file sharing with Radiologists and referring veterinarians
  • Ability for immediate consultation with experts

Come To Us To Get Your Horse Diagnosed & On A Treatment Plan ASAP

Once we've localized the source of the pain through a lameness exam, digital ultrasound can give us immediate and crucial information to determine the nature of your horse's injury. Digital ultrasound is available in our clinic or through our mobile medical service.

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