Digital Radiography

We offer advanced digital imaging diagnostic services to get to the root of your horse’s problems.  Digital Radiography gives us the ability to diagnose on the farm so we can begin treating your horse's injury immediately.

Meddleton Equine Has Always Been on the Cutting Edge of this Advanced Technology.

Digital radiography is one of the biggest innovations in equine diagnostic imaging to have entered private practice in the last decade.  We have been equipped with digital radiography technology since 2006 and upgraded our systems in 2015.  Digital Radiography (along with digital ultrasound) is generally the first diagnostic step after a lameness examination has localized the source of pain to a specific area.

Digital Radiography Has Several Distinct Advantages:

  • Superior quality imaging of bony structures and improved imaging of soft tissue structures.
  • Immediate results via instant visualization of x-rays on a computer screen which gives us the ability to treat on the farm immediately after taking radiographs & diagnosis.
  • Ease of image sharing with Board Certified Radiologists, Surgeons, or other Veterinarians.
  • Decreased radiation exposure due to fewer retakes
  • Radiographs can be digitally enlarged and manipulated to provide optimal contrast and brightness.

Have Us Get To the Root of Your Horse's Lameness

We offer Digital Radiography in our clinic or through our mobile medical service.  Find out what you're dealing with.  Have us use this advnaced technology to get to the root of your horse's lameness and get him started on a treatment plan. 

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