OSPHOS – A New Treatment for Navicular Disease

Feb 02, 2016
Disease lameness and performance

Do you have a horse that has been diagnosed with Navicular Disease? Or perhaps Kissing Spines or Pedal Osteitis? There is a newly available treatment that is showing tremendous promise towards actually slowing and even reversing the disease process!

Disease Conditions That Can be Treated with Osphos

OSPHOS® (clodronate injection) can be used to treat:

  1. Navicular Syndrome
  2. Kissing Spines
  3. Pedal Osteitis
  4. Bone bruising/inflammation
  5. Ringbone or fusing hocks

Helps Reverse Osteoporosis

Osphos is a bisphosphonate, similar to Tildren, that became available to US horse owners about a year ago. Osphos is FDA approved for the control of clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses four years of age and older.  It is much less expensive than Tildren, easier to administer and has fewer side effects. Bisphosphonates are used in human medicine to reverse osteoporosis.

Rebuilding New Bone

Osphos decreases bone resorption by binding to calcium phosphate crystals (inhibiting their formation and dissolution), and by inhibiting osteoclast activity thereby allowing osteoblasts to rebuild new bone.

How is Osphos Given?

The average horse is given 15cc IM divided into 3 separate locations.  I give Banamine at the same time to reduce the small likelihood of signs of discomfort that can include nervousness, cramping, pawing and/or colic within 2-5 hours post-treatment.  Horses should not be given NSAID’s like Bute or Previcox when treating with Osphos.

Extended Treatment Plan

For best results, in addition to Osphos, each horse needs to be evaluated individually for a shoeing prescription to reduce strain on the navicular bone, judicious use of NSAID's, possible navicular bursa injections and something to improve circulation such as Isoxsuprine or Hemo-Flo.

For horses that initially respond to OSPHOS but do not maintain their clinical improvement for 6 months, OSPHOS may be re-administered at 3 to 6 month intervals based on recurrence of clinical signs. For horses that respond to OSPHOS and maintain clinical improvement for 6 months, OSPHOS should be re-administered after clinical signs recur.

Give Us a Call, We Can Help

If you have a horse with Navicular Disease or one of these other conditions that respond to Osphos, give us a call.  Osphos might be just the thing to get your horse sound and keep him that way!

For more Information  visit the Osphos website and/or read their pdf brochure

Dr. Mark Meddleton, DVM

Written by Mark Meddleton, DVM

Dr. Meddleton is a 1991 graduate of Cornell University and completed a Medical & Surgical Internship at the University of Minnesota. He is a member of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Assoc., has been performing Chiropractic since 1994, and has extensively studied Equine Dentistry. He spent 4 years in a large performance horse practice in the Albany/Saratoga region of NY and moved to NM in 1996.